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We are continuously pleased with the support MC Frontier has been receiving and we are excited for a larger update coming very soon! As promised, a weekly update is here and it is bringing pets to the world of Castle Siege! We hope to see you on the server playing with your new pets! Detailed update information can be found below:



Pets are come in various forms and be toggled using the /pets (/p, /pet) command in-game! Pets will follow you around wherever you go and give you support! They are adorable and are a great way to flex on your friends! Pets can be obtained through cosmetics crates which are available for ...

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We are extremely excited for all the support MC Frontier has received over the past week. We are pleased to announce the first update is coming to MC Frontier! We plan to continually put out weekly updates with new content, along with occassional large updates involving major game play changes. You can find the new updates live on the server below!



Backpacks have been the most highly requested item to be added to MC Frontier. We are pleased to announce a backpack system where you and all your friends can store mass amounts of items on your character! Backpack...

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Welcome to MC Frontier!

This post will touch on all of the aspects of what MC Frontier has to offer with it's custom gamemode, CastleSiege.


Core Gameplay: 

Upon arr...

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