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Welcome to MC Frontier!

This post will touch on all of the aspects of what MC Frontier has to offer with it's custom gamemode, CastleSiege.


Core Gameplay: 

Upon arriving on the server, one will find themselves at the tutorial. This tutorial will give an in-depth overview of the core aspects of the game. Once you have completed the tutorial, you are ready to begin!

Exiting the spawn complex will enter you into the world for you to explore on your own.

Spawn Exit


After exiting the spawn area, you will find yourself at one of three spawn points. The goal is to progress through the cities and find better gear/loot to further experience. If you are unsure about where you are, there is always a City Guide at the location to help you. At any city you will find the means to harvest basic resources (Food, Wood, Ores, etc). Once you feel you have harvested enough you can follow the path to the next city (Plains City).


If you are ever confused about where you are you can always return to spawn with /spawn, or you can find an intersection in a path and use the interection indicators (found below) to guide you to your destination. But be warned! The further into the map you go, the harder it becomes to stay alive. 


Intersection Guide



Creating a clan will cost you $5,000. Clans are a core aspect of the game with provide means to storage, raiding, and grinding. At the first major city, The Plains City, you will find a village portal. Once you are a part of a clan, you will be given access to that clan's village. This village contains several unique features.

1. The Castle

In the castle, you are able to place Item Chests. These chests allow you to store the respective item inside of it (Materials, Tools, Weapons, Armor). Each village is limited on their storage, so make sure to clean it out regularly! Upgrading the Castle will allow for more items to be stored.


2. The Wall

Your village's wall is a crucial part of defense. Your wall will protect from incoming raiders that may try to steam your wealth! Upgrading the Wall will increase its health.


3. Farms

One amazing aspect of the clan's village is the ability to automatically produce Wheat, Wood, and Stone. In your village you will find three buildings: The Lumber Mill, Farm House, and Stone Quarry. Once built, you will unlock the minion which will automatically harvest resources for you! Upgrading these farms will allow for more resource storage and faster production.

4. Summoning Altar

A very important aspect of the village is the Summoning Altar. If you obtail a mob head in the wild, you can place it into the Summoning Altar to automatically spawn mobs for you to grind! The higher the level Altar, the higher level heads you can place into it.


Walking along the paths you will notice several structures. These structures can be either Farms, Ruins, and Broken Towers. These three structures spawn different types of mobs for you to grind. 


If you have friends that you wish to play with, you can use the Parties system! Parties are easy to work with. To create a party, simply type /party create. Inviting friends to the party is just as easy, you can type /party invite to invite them to your party. Parties come with a toggleable party chat (/party chat). If your party is scattered across multiple servers, you can simply /party warp to teleport them to your server. If you are at your village you are not able to warp the party members.


As you progress through the game and do certain tasks, you will be rewarded skill xp. As you level up skills you will be given skill points to spend on buffs to increase your Health, Speed, Defense, and Damage. To view your current stats at any time, you can look at your xp bar to see your player level and the progress of the skill you last received xp for grinding. If you wish to look more into depth at your stats you can use the command /skills to open the menu. From this menu you can also use your skill points.


Skills Message/Bar

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