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IGN: Gecky
by Gecky » 6 months ago

We are extremely excited for all the support MC Frontier has received over the past week. We are pleased to announce the first update is coming to MC Frontier! We plan to continually put out weekly updates with new content, along with occassional large updates involving major game play changes. You can find the new updates live on the server below!



Backpacks have been the most highly requested item to be added to MC Frontier. We are pleased to announce a backpack system where you and all your friends can store mass amounts of items on your character! Backpacks will drop on death, so be careful! There are four new backpacks along with a special miner's chest. 

  • Small Backpack (1 row, can store any items)
  • Medium Backpack (2 rows, can store any items)
  • Large Backpack (3 rows, can store any items)
  • Mini Miner's Chest (1 row, can store any minable material)
  • Frontier Backpack (5 rows, can store any items, only obtainable through the Frontier Crate)


PvP Changes

Another major request that has been seen is the addition of PvP being integrated in the gamemode itself. We've still given players to choice to PvP or not. PvP will never be forced upon anybody. All path mines past the mountain outpost is now a PvP zone. All items can be lost in these areas if killed by a fellow player, but the risk can be worth the reward because these mines contain much more rare ores. All mines at cities/outposts will remain a non-PvP zone, but will have no boost in ores.


Along with the new PvP mines, PvP in the wilderness is now an option. You can use the /duel command if you spot someone in the wild. If they accept the duel, it initiated right there and then. All items will drop if killed by a player via duels.


New Items

Many new items have been added to the game to make various tasks much easier. One of which is the blazing tools line:

  • Blazing Pickaxe (Auto smelts mined ores, craftable)
  • Blazing Axe (Auto smelts lumber, craftable)
  • Blazing Shovel (No current use, craftable)
  • Blazing Hoe (Auto smelts able crops, craftable)
  • Blazing Sword (Light enemies on fire, craftable)
  • Blazing Bow (Light enemies on fire, craftable)

We've heard your suggestions, there is now another way to obtain obsidian. This method will take longer, but has almost no risk! Obsidian around the world is now minable and will drop obsidian shards. Obsidian requires at least a gold pickaxe to be broken. Obsidian blocks can be crafted from these shards.


Misc Additions

Various bug fixes and updates were made in this update as well, they can be found below:

  • Dying now displays what items were lost.
  • A daily kit can now be redeemed by all players via /kits
  • Elemental golems now push you around to prevent golem boosting
  • Top clans will properly update every restart
  • Miner's Crate has been buffed significantly
  • Damage from skeleton's in the tundra & in the forest have been buffed
  • Quests now require certain levels to initiate them
    • Gold - Lv. 10
    • Diamond - Lv. 20
    • Emerald - Lv. 30
  • Skills will now automatically update and properly load when you login
  • Charcoal can now be used as a fuel source in furnaces
  • Players can now use /vote and support the server, and receive a little bonus too!
  • Village shopkeepers now change every 24 hours
  • Villages are now permanently fixed and can be accessed at any time, by any one!

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IGN: mathiaseklund
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Awesome sauce :)


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