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- nerf level 1 skeletons

- make it harder to kill higher level mobs at a lower level

- increese drop rates of heads(just by a little)

- increese the ammount of scraps given from items above stone regardless of rarity

- either lower cost of reparing items (epics shouldnt be 32 scraps to repair imo) or default everything with unkreaking I or II

- reduce damage taken inside cities

- passive skills that help increase certain things over time(Like faster healing)

- make it more obvious that certain chests have loot/have been looted

- items rare+ dont fully break, they either get thrown out of the inventory right before breaking(so at 1 or 0 durability), they could go into the inventory, or they could get sent to a special chest that you can only pull broken items from

- add merchants to spawn

       - the merchants can have specific zones where if people havent explored a certain part of the map they cant access them yet

- add something like alchemy where you can enchant items to give them buffs (or debuffs if it goes wrong)

       - add an alchemy skill

       - potions that give buffs or debuffs(if made wrong)

       - an enchant or unlockable skill that sends mines item directly to your village

       - a saturation thing that has a chance of replenishing XZ hunger in combat

- XP for every skill when you complete a skill (or one that you choose/at random)

- give me a potat rank(that does absolutely nothing) :)

- eating skill that makes it so you can consume foods slightly faster

- release loot tables and stuff like that so people can have more info about everything

- make it so you can't join on 1.8

- change some of the quest requirements to something like " X ammount of Zombies above Y Level " and such for other mobs

- increese ore respawn rate

- xp from completing stuff around villages and what not

- stock market

- make it so you need to be X level for a quest

- A small town home for people not in clans (for mass storage, but its much more limmited)

- make witches ranged attacks have partifle effects before they fire at you

- add the village server to the hub connecting things

- make it so you can buy diamond armour/tools/weapons in the jungle



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